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Quality Trailers and Containers

Whether you want to sell, buy, or rent, you can rely on us.

Commercial Trailers in Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto, and Surrounding areas

If you need a quality commercial trailer in Brampton or the nearby area, United Trailers can help. We specialize in dry bins, flatbeds, trailers, storage containers, and chassis supplies. We pride ourselves on being reliable and experienced, offering personalized service to every customer. Whatever your storage and trailer needs are, we're confident we can find the solution that's right for you. When it comes to commercial trailers, you can put your faith in us. With years of experience, knowledge, and expertise, we offer you complete solutions to your trailer needs. Get reliable commercial trailers in Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto, and surrounding areas. Call us to know more.


A storage trailer is an efficient and cost-effective way to take care of all your storage needs. If you feel that your current accommodation cannot hold your excess materials, get in touch with our experts to learn more about the best storage alternatives for you. We can provide you with storage units in varying sizes to match your specific requirements. Wondering whether they're suitable for your business? We invite you to consider some of the many benefits they offer:

Security: The primary benefit of storage trailers is that they offer security. They protect your goods from theft, so you don't lose money.

Versatility: Our storage trailers are incredibly versatile. You can use them to place your excess inventory, furniture, seasonal items, and more.

Weather protection: Our storage trailers are durable and resistant. They will protect your cargo from extreme weather conditions and moisture damage.

Cost-effective solution: With storage trailers, you don't have to spend money building or purchasing extra warehouse space. These trailers will meet your demand for additional space without putting a dent in your budget.

Would you like to know more about our commercial trailers in Brampton and surrounding areas? Our team would be delighted to chat with you. You can also get more information on our blog.

We Buy and Sell Quality New and Used Trailers

Whether you're looking for temporary on-site storage or you need a place to park your trailer, we can help. Our wide range of services includes:

Purchase and sale of used trailers

Trailer rentals

Trailer parking

Storage rental and parking

Request an Estimate

Over the years, we have been conducting business with clients, including manufacturers, trucking companies, individual truck brokers, large retail companies, and many more. For more information on any of our services or to request an estimate, please give us a call or use our convenient online form on our contact us page. We look forward to hearing from you!

In Business Since 1975

United Trailers is a family-run business that was founded in 1975. We have been serving Brampton and the surrounding areas since 1982. To this day, our company remains committed to providing quality products from the industry's top brands, backed by outstanding customer service.


We are a value-driven business that puts customer satisfaction at the top of all our priorities. We aim to deliver on our promise of quality and efficient service through our durable and resistant storage trailers. When you entrust your storage needs to us, we ensure that you get what you need. We deliver the trailer to your location, which takes away any hassle of arranging a pick-up.


Getting a storage trailer on your site is an excellent alternative to storing at a self-storage facility. Keeping your materials on your site provides you with an extension of the space within your home or commercial premises without having to create another room.


We provide you with secure storage trailers and containers that ensure that your materials are protected and safeguarded.

Why Choose Us?


United Trailers is a family-run business with cumulative expertise of over 40 years. We have been in the business for so long that we have earned goodwill, efficiency, and a complete understanding of your needs.


Hauling is an incredibly taxing job, and we understand the commitment to your deadlines and management. We respect your time and strive to do our best to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. Our team helps you pick specific trailers as per your job requirements. We provide the trailers to your preferred location and cater to your storage as well as parking needs. Our ultimate goal is to make your job easy and your life easier!



We are committed to providing you with a safe space to park your commercial trailers in Brampton. Alternatively, you can also place your storage trailers on your property, granted that you adhere to the relevant regulations. You can store a utility trailer, which is different from a recreational trailer, in your interior side or rear yard. However, it must not exceed 7 metres in length and/or 3 metres in height. We invite you to visit the official website for detailed information.


Transporting Machinery?

Short-term or long-term van and trailer rentals are available.


Rent vans in Brampton to help you store your belongings affordably. Our vans are an efficient and accessible storage alternative for containing your materials. They can be locked securely to ensure that your materials are safeguarded. You will also be able to transport your materials from one location to another.


Need Extra Storage Space?

Store your belongings and assets in rental containers and trailers.


Getting a trailer is an ideal storage option for both residential and commercial needs. Our storage trailers for Brampton drivers are an excellent alternative if you have been looking for storage solutions for your commercial or industrial site. Our sturdy and long-lasting storage trailers provide an extension of the storage space within your premises. 


Second-hand Trailers for Sale

Buy or sell your used trailer with us. We give personalized service.


At United Trailers, we can also provide you with used or second-hand trailers in Brampton to help you store your materials securely.

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