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  • White storage container on a white background.
    08/05/2022 0 Comments
    How to Get the Most Out of Your Storage Container

    Self-storage is an industry that generates plenty of revenue today. The Canadian self-storage industry is booming at the moment and showing no signs of slowing down. Still, it's the type of service you probably don't know much about until you need it.

    People rent out storage containers and trailers for both personal and business reasons. Learning the ways to arrange and use them will help you maximize their value.

    We're happy to explain how to accomplish this. Here are some tips you can follow to get the best from your storage container.


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  • 2 cars carrying utility trailers on the road.
    06/12/2021 0 Comments
    Common Uses for a Utility Trailer: A Guide

    Are you considering purchasing a utility trailer? If you own a business or are a person who does heavy hauling, Purchasing a utility trailer would be a significant investment.

    Utility trailers can be used to haul many things and makes moving supplies or heavy machinery a breeze.


    If you're thinking about purchasing one, keep reading because, in this article, we are going over the top uses for utility trailers.


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  • SUV on the road with a utility trailer attached.
    20/10/2021 0 Comments
    A Buying Guide for Utility Trailers

    Imagine James Bond without his gadgets and tools. What if Q decided he didn't want to make anything for James? James would be in trouble and probably wouldn't survive ten minutes in a movie.

    We all know the key to getting things done is having the right tools. They can make the difference between a long project or a short project. One of the best tools for getting anything done is a utility trailer.

    There are many ways to use a utility trailer, and handy people find they often use them over and over for different jobs. The key is to get the right trailer for you. Just like James Bond needs the right gadgets, you need the right trailer.


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  • Flatbed Trailer taking a car.
    20/10/2021 0 Comments
    Three Reasons Why You Should Choose a Flatbed Trailer

    All around the world, people used flatbed trailers to perform important functions. In fact, every single year, almost 400,000 trailers are manufactured.

    Of course, not everybody understands in which situations the flatbed trailer is the ideal tool. It is important to know a little bit more about the flatbed trailer before deciding to buy one.

    So how can you make sure that a flatbed trailer is the right choice for your situation? Read on to learn all about the top reasons that a flatbed trailer Might be the right choice for you!


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  • Truck on hilly road
    01/07/2021 0 Comments
    Factors to Consider When Renting a Storage Trailer

    If you operate in the $1.1 trillion a year freight shipping market, having the right equipment is essential if you want to stay competitive and keep overhead costs down. One of the most vital pieces of equipment you will need to help your operations thrive is quality storage trailers.


    The right storage trailer will allow you to effectively store and transport goods anywhere they need to go, allowing you to maximize space and protect your bottom line. But how does storage trailer rental work, and how do you find the right one for the right price? If you are looking for a trailer rental, read on to find out exactly what factors you need to be considering. 


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  • 01/07/2021 0 Comments
    New vs. Used Storage Trailers

    Storage trailers are a major part of commercial and industrial businesses. A storage trailer is a major purchase, and a used one saves your budget from taking a big hit. What are your other criteria when shopping for a new trailer?

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  • Dry van trailer
    01/02/2021 0 Comments
    Flatbeds vs. Dry Van Trailers: Everything You Need to Know

    Trucking employs millions of drivers and earns billions of dollars. It's our country's lifeblood, shipping food and goods to where those things are needed most. 


    If you're a new trucker or you're investing in a new shipping company, you might wonder what the most popular method of hauling freight is. If you're building a new company, you want to invest your money in the best equipment.


    The two main types of trailers are flatbeds and dry vans. Today we're going to compare flatbeds vs. dry van trailers to rent in Brampton and Mississauga. Which do you think will win? Keep reading to find out.


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  • Yellow vehicles
    01/02/2021 0 Comments
    Recommended Checklist When Purchasing a Storage Trailer

    Buying a new storage trailer in Mississauga, Brampton, or Vaughn, is essential for many people, but if this is your first time purchasing on your own, it can become confusing.


    Not all trailers are alike, and finding one that suits your needs isn't as simple as picking from the first list you see online. It would be best to keep a few factors in mind before potentially ending up with a costly mistake. 


    We made a brief checklist for you to consult to help you make the right decision when you're buying a storage trailer in Ontario. Keep reading, and be sure to take notes! 


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  • Trailer rentals
    20/12/2019 0 Comments
    What Are the Benefits of Renting a Trailer?

    Trailers are usually used for shipping products, goods and equipment although they are also used as recreational vehicles or mobile homes. Trailer ownership comes with a lot of expenses, such as licensing, insurance, operating costs, maintenance and repairs. If you require a trailer for a one-time event or for a short-duration of time, then renting is a better option for you. For trailer rentals in Brampton and the surrounding area, go for United Trailers. We have been providing outstanding customer service and quality products from top industry brands since 1975. We also offer flat bed and dry van rentals.

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  • Trailers
    20/12/2019 0 Comments
    Tips to Secure Loads on Your Trailer

    If the loads are not secured properly, it can cause severe accidents. This can result in loss of lives, cause damage to the vehicles and goods or lead to environmental hazards. Therefore, it is very essential to secure loads to prevent them from falling on the road. The loads must be restrained by tying them down firmly to a load bed. They should also be secured from forward and sideways movements.

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  • Storage trailers
    20/12/2019 0 Comments
    The difference between storage containers and storage trailers

    Are you having trouble deciding between a storage container and a storage trailer? If so, you’ll want to give some thought to how much space you need, how long you’ll need the space for and whether or not you’ll need to transport your unit. Keep reading to learn more about storage containers and trailers.

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  • Flatbed trailers
    20/12/2019 0 Comments
    Maintenance Tips for Trailers During Winter

    Commuting through the great outdoors during cold weather can be fun but also risky. Improper storing over the winter can also ruin a perfectly fine flatbed trailer. 

    At United Trailers, we have been providing quality trailers in Toronto, Vaughan, Brampton, and Mississauga for over 40 years. We specialize in thesale of used trailers, storage trailers and rentals of flatbeds. Our staff is experienced in providing customized services at the personalized requests of our clients.

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  • Flatbed trailers
    20/12/2019 0 Comments
    Three Reasons Why You Should Choose a Flat Bed Trailer

    Flatbed trailers are vehicles designed to carry large and bulky goods that need the open space of a truck trailer. They will have no roof or walls to the side. They are ideal for transporting cargo such as cars, airplane wings and lumber. 

    They are equipment whose frame is mainly made of steel. It can either be of 20ft, 40ft, 48ft or 53ft.

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  • Flat Bed trailers
    20/12/2019 0 Comments
    Driving Tips for Truckers During Winters

    Freezing winter months pose many challenges while driving, from poor visibility to snow-covered roads. It is essential for a trucker with a flatbed trailer and load to have good maneuvering and skid control ability. Professional drivers have smart decision-making skills with experience, like when to start or stop in poor weather conditions. Also important are quality vehicles, which you can buy, sell or rent from United Trailer at affordable prices.

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