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A Buying Guide for Utility Trailers

SUV on the road with a utility trailer attached.

Imagine James Bond without his gadgets and tools. What if Q decided he didn't want to make anything for James? James would be in trouble and probably wouldn't survive ten minutes in a movie.

We all know the key to getting things done is having the right tools. They can make the difference between a long project or a short project. One of the best tools for getting anything done is a utility trailer.

There are many ways to use a utility trailer, and handy people find they often use them over and over for different jobs. The key is to get the right trailer for you. Just like James Bond needs the right gadgets, you need the right trailer.


Why You Need a Utility Trailer

The first thing you need to decide is the main reason you need a trailer. You may be moving your lawnmower or moving a Bobcat from one site to another. You could also need a storage trailer to keep at job sites.

Deciding your main need will help you understand the size of the trailer you need. Most people focus on the main need and then get a trailer that is a little bit bigger than what they need. This gives them future options with the trailer.

Type of Utility Trailer

As you decide your main need for a trailer, this helps you understand what type of cargo trailer you need. If you are a landscaper, you may get a single axle trailer with open sides to store your lawn equipment.

Construction people normally get a larger tandem axle trailer to move their large equipment around. If you are storing items and want to lock them up or protect them from the elements, you will look at small enclosed trailers.

You also want to consider where you are storing your trailer. If you live in a neighbourhood, there may be covenants that keep you from storing your personal trailer in the open.

Your Power to Pull

Before you go looking for storage trailers for sale, you will want to figure out how much pull power you have. Pulling with a car or a heavy-duty truck makes a difference in the size and weight of your utility trailer.

Accessories for the Trailer

The best small cargo trailer usually has different accessories that come in handy. You can think through if you need extra storage boxes or a ramp at the end of the trailer. These accessories make the trailer much more convenient.

Your Partners in the Trailer Search

There are many small cargo trailers LLCs that offer utility trailers. However, you need a place that understands your needs and has the best selection of new and used utility trailers.

United Trailers has served the areas surrounding Brampton since 1982. This family-run business has built its reputation by providing quality products with outstanding customer service.

Talk to United Trailers about their selection of used trailers to meet your personal or business needs.



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