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Maintenance Tips for Trailers During Winter

Flatbed trailers

Commuting through the great outdoors during cold weather can be fun but also risky. Improper storing over the winter can also ruin a perfectly fine flatbed trailer. 

At United Trailers, we have been providing quality trailers in Toronto, Vaughan, Brampton, and Mississauga for over 40 years. We specialize in thesale of used trailers, storage trailers and rentals of flatbeds. Our staff is experienced in providing customized services at the personalized requests of our clients.

We have prepared a set of tips to ensure that you won’t have to buy a new trailer for spring.

1. Fall cleaning

Cleaning your trailer thoroughly by the end of autumn will ensure that it survives winter. Your vehicle goes through lots of wear and tear. Dogs urinate on the rims of tires leading to corrosion. Debris from the road may chip away the paint job while the roof sustains damages due to summer heat.

It's best to clean the trailer by sweeping out the exterior, hosing down the mats and floors. You can put back the mats once it’s dry.

2. Check for rust and corrosion

Inspect your flatbed trailer for scrapes or paint chips that need touch up paint. These areas will develop rust if exposed to the elements in winter. This is very crucial if you own an all-steel trailer or one that has steel components. 

3. Weather sealing

The insides of most trailers are not designed to handle cold. The most effective and easiest way to insulate is installing heavy fabric curtains over doors and windows. This helps block drafts without obstructing functionality. You can also seal the vents with a removable silicone weather-stripping material, if you won’t be using the pop-up vents. 

4. Adjust your brakes

Towing during winter involves dealing with snow, ice and slippery roads. Check the quality of the brake bites, so that your vehicle doesn’t end up jackknifing. 

5. Heat your pipes and tanks

Using auxiliary heaters gives protection against damage while camping. If it’s going to be cold at the camping site, heat the valves and pipe elbows. Do not forget to dump antifreeze into the gray and black water tanks. 

6. Store indoors when not using

Store your flatbed trailer in a safe facility if at all possible. It will prevent damage that can be caused by the sun and moisture.

Exposure to direct sunlight over a period of time can ruin:

• Vinyl graphics

• Awning fabric

• Rubber seals of windows

• Paint job

• Even cause leaks in the trailer’s roof

Exposure to constant moisture can:

• Result in the growth of mildew on roof

• Destroy petroleum seals of windows

Let Us Help

At United Trailers, we pride ourselves in being reliable at providing quality trailer services and storage facilities. You can approach us if you do not have enough space in your property for your vehicle. Our storage facility offers secure protection from the elements and come with various security features.

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