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Tips to Secure Loads on Your Trailer


If the loads are not secured properly, it can cause severe accidents. This can result in loss of lives, cause damage to the vehicles and goods or lead to environmental hazards. Therefore, it is very essential to secure loads to prevent them from falling on the road. The loads must be restrained by tying them down firmly to a load bed. They should also be secured from forward and sideways movements.

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Load Securing Methods

There are several different methods of securing the loads in vehicles. We have listed a few of them here to help you:

Locking and Bracing

This method uses lumber and metal bars to reduce or inhibit the front to rear shifting of cargo. Plastic can also be used.


This method uses large bolts and nails depending on the type of load and the particular vehicle being used. 


This helps segregate the load and stops it from shifting in response to vehicle movement. It uses wooden boards to make cribs and scrap wood to fill the voids in cargo. It also makes use of blocking and bracing, modern mechanical and spring-loaded post-and-socket systems.


This is used to create transportable units; steel, polypropylene, nylon, paper and composite materials are usually used for this purpose. The type of strap used is based on the requirements such as strength, elasticity, ease of use, safety and cost. Tensioned strapping can cause injury and therefore, needs to be handled carefully.


This is used to minimize the shifting of the load. Some of the items used for this purpose are ropes, cables, wires and chains. These are anchored to the container and secured against the load. 

Other Helpful Tips

Place Heavier Objects at the Bottom

While placing objects in your trailer, ensure that the heavier ones are placed at the bottom and the lighter ones at the top. This enhances stability, protects the light loads from breakages and prevents the trailer from rolling due to heavy weight at the top. 

Avoid Overloading

You should avoid overloading the vehicle at all costs. Always make sure that the objects are at level with the truck bed. If the load goes higher, have it tied down or get it netted. It is always better to choose the right vehicle where you can fit all your cargo easily. Regardless of the method used to secure the load, a vehicle can roll over if it is overloaded. Also, ensure that the load does not extend too much beyond the rear or the sides. 

Pick the Right Trailer

Vehicles transporting heavy loads should meet certain requirements. The front end structure must have an ideal height (at least 4 feet above the trailer floor) and width to block forward movement of the cargo. It should not allow any article to come in contact with any part of the vehicle and the vehicle must have substitutes to replace non-functional parts.

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