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Your Source of Van Trailer and Flatbed Trailer Rentals in Brampton, Toronto, and Vaughan

Are you in need of a trailer but worried about the expenses? Consider renting!

At United Trailers, we offer trailer rentals in Brampton for both flatbed trailers and van trailers. One of the most versatile methods of transportation is the flatbed trailer. It offers a variety of options for loading and unloading as well as flexibility in the type of loads it can haul. With open sides and no back, it can be loaded with a forklift from any side. It can carry pallet loads, machinery, equipment, and more. In addition to forklifts, you can even use cranes to load flatbed trailers. Van trailers are also a solid option if you want superior weather protection.

Our van trailer and flatbed trailer rentals are available across Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto, Vaughan, and surrounding areas. Contact us to ask for convenient rental solutions.

Benefits of Renting a Trailer

Purchasing a trailer can be expensive, which is why you must consider renting it. Some other perks of renting a trailer include:

1: Flexibility

If you have a seasonal business that needs trailers only during a specific time of the year, renting offers you the flexibility you want.


#2: Use of Capital

Renting a trailer can free up capital to fulfill other business needs.


#3: Versatility

Renting a trailer can give you access to a range of load sizes and types. You can pick and choose according to the optimum size and type you want.


 #4: Affordability

It is much more affordable to rent a trailer than buy one. It is the more financially viable choice.



What Are Flatbed Trailers?

True to its name, a flatbed trailer has a flat body with no roof or sides. This makes it an ideal choice for loading and unloading heavy, oversized, and indelicate goods like building materials, machinery, heavy-duty equipment, and more. Even though it is one of the most commonly used trailers, the lack of roof and sides makes it unsuitable for goods vulnerable to rain and other harsh weather conditions.

Commercial Uses of Flatbed Trailers

Our flatbed trailers are perfect for carrying substantial loads across short or long distances. They are best suited for heavy-duty deliveries. Not only are these trailers durable and long-lasting, but they are also resistant to the wear and tear caused by exposure to the elements. Have a look at the various commercial uses of flatbed trailers mentioned below.

  • To haul construction equipment.

  • To carry building and construction materials

  • To move recyclables and scrap metals

  • To carry landscaping tools, equipment, and supply

  • To transport rigs of oil and gas

  • To move heavy-duty agricultural equipment and goods

  • To transport oversized loads like windmill components and prefabricated homes


  • If you are looking to transport goods efficiently and securely, our flatbed trailers in Brampton are your best bet. For more information, please read our blog or directly reach out to a member of our team. We’d love to answer any questions you may have.

Flatbed Rentals

Using a flatbed trailer to haul your load can be the perfect solution to all your transportation needs. At United Trailers, we can provide you with an extensive selection of utility trailers to rent.


Whether you need a flatbed carrier to transport your household materials to your new home or carry your cargo, we can provide you with reliable flatbeds. Call us to know more about our flatbed trailer rentals in Brampton, Mississauga, and other Southern areas in Ontario.

Dry Van Trailer Rentals

Dry van trailers are fully enclosed trailers. This type of trailer offers superior protection from the elements during transport but can only be loaded via the back door. The easiest way to load these trailers is to back them up to a loading dock, where they can be loaded with a forklift or pallet jack. Many dry van trailers can be equipped with a lift gate in case a loading dock is unavailable. The main benefit of dry van trailers is protection from the weather, but with sides and a roof, there are physical limitations on what they can carry.


Besides van trailers, we also sell used trailers and rent storage trailers and containers to the people of Brampton and surrounding areas.

Why Choose Us?

Over years of serving clients across Ontario, we have acquired the experience and expertise to handle heavy-duty deliveries. Our experts can also advise you on the trailers most suited to your specific requirements. Considering the type of delivery and your budget, our team can suggest the best transportation alternatives for you. With more than 45 years of experience, you can expect outstanding customer service and high-quality products from industry-best brands from us. Our products are well-maintained and ready to go after rental. We maintain our fleet to high standards, so you never have to worry about breakdowns or delays.


Call us to know more about our flatbed trailers to rent in Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto, and Vaughan.


Why Rent?

Freight hauling is a demanding job, and trailers are expensive if you think of purchasing them. If you factor in insurance, repair, maintenance costs and operational expenses, a better option is renting a trailer than buying one. There is an extensive list of types of trailers you can choose from, and they vary from job to job. Our team’s expertise comes into play as they help you pick out the right product according to the job, your budget, and the type of trailer required. We can also provide customized service at your request.


Reliable Trailer Rentals in Ontario

United Trailers can provide you with high-quality and secure flatbed trailers and van trailers to meet all your storage needs.

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