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Used Trailers for Sale in Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto, and Vaughan

Sometimes a used storage trailer can be just as good as a brand new one at a fraction of the cost. That is why United Trailers has a large selection of used trailers for sale in Brampton. When you come to us to buy a used container or trailer, you will see that they look good as new. We offer personalized service for every customer that comes onto our lot, and we can help you quickly search our used inventory for the size and type of trailer that you are looking for


We also offer rentals of flat beds and storage trailers at our shop.

Benefits of Buying a Used Trailer

If you are planning to purchase a used trailer, do so from a reliable seller such as United Trailers. Some of the advantages of getting a used trailer over the new one include:

• Save on Initial Cost
Buying a new trailer is a costly investment but a used one comes at a cheaper price. The insurance rates are also lower for them.

• Redecorate the Vehicle
You are at liberty to redecorate and restore the vehicle as per your tastes and preferences.

• Get an Antique Model

If you want a certain model of a trailer that is no longer in production, you can get it here. Purchasing pre-owned trailers make it possible for you to find the retro style you have been looking for.




Guide to Buying a Used Trailer

If you are investing in a trailer, you really want it to last. How can you make sure if it will stand the test of time? What should you prioritize in your preliminary inspections? Allow us to help you narrow down a checklist for when you are about to buy a used trailer.


Start with the roof: Any long-term structural integrity will depend on how the roof holds. Check for leaks, moisture, moulds, cracks, rips and tears. Make sure there is no leakage or mould, as these can not only affect your machine in the long run but also your health.


Check the floor: You should make sure that the floor is strong, sturdy, and would not give away easily. Inspect the floor from the inside and from the undercarriage below. Make sure that there are no cracks, mould, rust or rot.


Inspect the tires: You do not want to spend on the tires of a big vehicle like a trailer. Check for any damage on the tires. Examine if it has any choppy wear and tears on the grooves, flat spots on the tread, or any sidewall defects like cuts, bulges, ripples, bruises, and the like.


Go around the body and exterior: Check the trailer walls for any delamination, bubbles or bulges. These are good indicators of underlying frame damage. They can tell you if the trailer has been in an accident. Enquire upon these findings and make sure you invest right.


Ensure dealer’s repute: A good and fair dealer will easily manage to stay in business for decades. The longer someone has been in the business, the greater number of clients they have served. Unethical practices put you out of business sooner.


Get your trailer from an experienced dealer. United Trailers will take care of your investment and ensure you get high-grade trailers.


We Accept Used Trailers

We also accept used trailers for sale. If you're looking for a little extra cash or need to simply sell an older trailer you no longer use, we can help. Feel free to  give us a call for more information about used trailers in Mississauga.

used trailers


Used Trailers

We buy and sell old trailers and containers.

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