Flat Bed Trailer Rentals in Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga & Vaughan

In addition to our used trailer sales, United Trailers also offers convenient trailer and storage rentals to customers in Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto, Vaughan and surrounding areas. Whatever your needs and budget, we have a size to meet them.

Flat Bed Trailer Rentals in Toronto

One of the most versatile methods of transportation is the flatbed trailer. It offers a variety of options for loading and unloading as well as versatility in the type of loads it can haul. With open sides and no back, it can be loaded with a forklift from any side. It can carry pallet loads, machinery, equipment, and more. In addition to forklifts, you can even use cranes to load flatbed trailers. The only downside is that loads are not as protected from the elements. Tarps are an option, but the dry van trailer offers more protection from the elements.

Dry Van Trailer Rentals in Toronto

Dry van trailers are fully enclosed trailers. This type of trailer offers superior protection from the elements during transport, but can only be loaded via the back door. The easiest way to load these trailers is to back them up to a loading dock, where they can be loaded via forklift or pallet jack. Many dry van trailers can be equipped with a lift gate in case a loading dock is unavailable. The main benefit of dry van trailers is protection from weather, but with sides and a roof there are physical limitations on what they can carry.

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