New vs. Used Storage Trailers

Storage trailers are a major part of commercial and industrial businesses. A storage trailer is a major purchase, and a used one saves your budget from taking a big hit. What are your other criteria when shopping for a new trailer?

What's Your Budget?

The amount that you have budgeted for purchasing a storage trailer is a good place to start when deciding between getting a used model or going for a brand new unit. A used trailer is going to be less expensive than a new one. If budget is your main concern, you might want to look into renting vs looking at a storage trailer for sale.


Insuring Your Storage Trailer

Another budget issue will be in insuring your storage trailer. The more money a trailer is worth, the more it will cost to insure it. Contact your insurance company for quotes as you are shopping.


Modifications or Upgrades?

When shopping for a used storage trailer, there may be some modifications done by the previous trailer owner. Modifications and upgrades may work to your advantage if you were going to be doing them; it would save you that extra work. Look for electrical, shelving, welding, and even vents that got added on, and could also raise the price. 


What is the Trailer's History?

Where a preowned trailer is coming from makes a difference in how it was used, what the environment was like, and what its overall history is. If you are buying from a reputable dealership, they will be able to offer you some background information on the trailer. This, amongst many other reasons, is why it is recommended to buy used equipment from someone who knows the business. 


Checking for Wear and Tear

Considering the nature of a storage trailer, some wear and tear are to be expected on used trailers. Another natural factor would be the weather. If the trailer got exposed to salt from being close to the ocean air or salt from treatment on the icy roads, it could have corroded or rusted the metal.


A bit of wear and tear is fine, but if the upkeep and repairs of a used trailer will cost you more than you are willing to pay, that should also be factored into your decision. 


Having a Trailer in a Timely Fashion

Are you in a rush to have this storage trailer? A used trailer is available as soon as you can move it. A new one, however, could take time to have delivered.  


Trailer Specs

What size storage trailer do you need? Used trailers are not always available in the specs that you might be looking for. Size and trailer weight is one thing, but of course, you can always change the colour of a trailer to match your company's colour scheme (think about powder coating) and have your logo applied.


Purchasing Storage Trailers

Shopping for storage trailers is all about comparing new vs used and looking for the right unit to meet your needs. Take the hassle out of shopping by dealing directly with a company that is top in local sales and rentals since 1975. Contact United Trailers to talk more about the details and find the best-suited trailer for you.


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