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Are you planning to move? Whether you are shifting to a new place or planning to store your belongings, you will need strong storage solutions. Turn to United Trailers for high-quality storage containers for your relocation or storage needs in Brampton and its surrounding areas. We strive to provide you with comfortable and convenient solutions while you relocate. Our portable storage solutions for all kinds of moving jobs are effective and affordable. We leave the container at your doorstep, so you can load or unload it at your convenience. When it is ready, we will pick and deliver it promptly to your new location.

With an experience of almost five decades and strong industry expertise, we have emerged as the leading storage container provider in the region. Our goal is to make your relocation seamless and convenient with our personalized solutions. Contact us today and rest assured that your belongings are in responsible hands.


Portable storage containers offer a versatile range of utilities. It is a flexible and convenient mode of storing your goods before a move. Take a look at some of the benefits it offers:

  • Abundant space: With portable storage, you get more than enough space to store your property. You can store a considerable number of goods for as long as it is convenient for you. 
  • Complete security: You can secure your portable storage with complete impunity over the safety arrangements.
  • Maximum durability: Strong steel containers will remain intact come rain or snow. A well-maintained container can last as long as 20 years.
  • Convenient transportation: Portable containers are very comfortable to transport. You can fill up your items and take them anywhere you want with ease.

Call or visit us if you need storage containers in Brampton. We will be glad to serve you!

Personal inspection: Do not rely on the pictures posted on company websites. Ensure you pick any container after inspecting it personally, along with a certified inspector.

Container history: Inquire the vendor about the container’s age, what goods have been transported, and how much repair and maintenance has been done to it. This information will help you in predicting the utility of the container.

Guarantees: See that you ask him questions related to guarantees. All reliable suppliers offer warranties for a specific period of time.

Container size: It is important to see if the container will fit well in its final place and needs special equipment to be loaded or unloaded.

Strength: If you need a higher number of containers, you may have to stack them on top of each other. Be very sure of the structural integrity so they may withstand the heavy load.

Ventilation: Remember to ensure that the containers have inbuilt basic HVAC systems to allow for ventilation. An increase in moisture causes mould growth in the containers.


If you are new to the procurement of storage containers, make sure that you educate yourself about how to select such containers. You will surely want to get the best value for your money. Keep reading to know more about some factors you may consider while choosing a storage container in Brampton:

Hazardous or toxic materials

Explosives and weapons

Radioactive materials

Living beings

Perishable goods, unless securely packaged

If you are apprehensive about what goods you should store, contact United Trailers. Our customer support team in Brampton will guide you well on the appropriate use of storage containers. If you want to know a few tips and tricks that experts use in storage? Read our blogs to find out!


Do you know that not everything can be stored in a storage container? Storage of some items is prohibited to safeguard the goods, storage container, and people around. You cannot keep the following things in a storage facility:

We are a family-run business, and know how important your belongings and property are to you.

With an experience of almost 50 years, we have acquired the expertise you need for a safe move.

We maintain our storage containers well to keep them in a very good condition.

Our amiable staff will assist you in finding a suitable container at cost-effective rates.

We stock diverse sizes and types of containers in our inventory, so you get your desired container.

We are a value-driven business and work to make your move convenient and easy. Call or visit us in Brampton for strong, reasonably-priced storage containers.


Our team focuses on helping you save valuable time. We aim to provide you with maximum satisfaction with our products and services. Keep reading to know more about why you should choose our storage containers in Brampton:


Making Your Move Easy

United Trailers in Brampton offers you superior-quality storage containers for a safe and easy move.

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